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RezerveIT takes how you track and manage your reservations to the next level!
With the use of technology, RezerveIT makes it possible for reservation management to be efficient and well documented.

Our Market Includes







RezerveIT is an application that aims to simplify management of the reservation process.


Our app is an all-inclusive system including but not limited to Sales, Booking, Rental, Contract Management, Invoicing, with key features like 360 graphical display of locations and assets with customizable filter capabilities.


Our product is customized for each business use case allowing for businesses to utilize all needs in a single

Cloud Solution backed by

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Product Features

Sales Operations
  • Prospect Details – Account / Contact Management

  • Prospect Interests (Sales, Rentals, Options)

  • Activity Statistics (First Contact, Last Activity, Total Activity Count, etc.)

  • Proposals

  • Mass email marketing

Account / Contact Management
  • Account – Contact details – Accounting Info / Billing Info

  • Contact management

  • Ownership Agreements / Lease Agreements

  • Work Orders

  • Personalized Offers (Discounts, etc) with 360 Degree CRM                                                       -Financial, Charge, Reservation, Map               Settings                                                           -Reports & Dashboards

  • Sales Breakdown / Tracking Reports

  • Personnel Performance Report & Dashboard

  • Executive Level Reports

Reservation Operations
  • Dynamic Map Showing Facilities

  • View unit details on map

  • Create booking by clicking on unit

  • Zoom In/Out on Map

-Search Map for Status on specified dates; ownership; occupancy; availability

-View Client information

availability search of Lease Agreements by Unit/ Client

-Search by Duration, Location, Features

  • Reservation Management

-Select modify lease management agreement

predefined rates

-Content Management

-Create Lease Agreements with Multiple Units

-Create Invoices

-Transfer Charges between Clients / List Credit / Cash Entries

-Wait List – Sort according to selected Criteria

-Short term Agreements – Check In / Check Out

-Multi Property and Multi Company Support

-Occupancy Forecasts – Site Based property Forecasts for Reservations

-Rental Pools and Individual Rental -Management Agreements

-Membership Management – Subscriptions / Activities

-Reports & Dashboards

-Daily Rate billed by Property

-Contract Length

-Departures by Month / Occupancy by Years

-Occupancy Budget Report

-Revenue Forecast

-Occupancy Variance

Facilities & Asset Management
  • Ticket Management for Client Repairs

  • Track time spent for ticket resolution site details

  • Perform Inspections and retrieve reports on details

  • Types, Product Name and Barcode for Assets and Spare Parts

Financial Operations
  • PO Management 

  • Integration with Financial System

  • Invoice Generator

  • Balance Report / Financial Performance Report

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